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Marriage and Family Counseling Portland is a group practice made up of professional licensed therapists.
Each therapist is a specialist in their chosen discipline with years of clinical experience and offer clients access to the best range of clinical care.

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Portland Marriage Counseling

Portland Family Counseling

Brent's Practice

Family counseling is a form of psychotherapy that brings family

members together to solve their shared concerns.

Can you envision a marriage in which you would feel safe enough to

say what you feel?

Brent's Practice
Jacci's Practice
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If your marriage is not very happy or satisfying, chances are it is

not an emotionally safe place for either you or your spouse.

For years, marriage counseling has focused on communication

skills and resolving conflicts. The desired outcome of therapy is

the creation of a safe environment in the home where you are

emotionally connected. Rather than skill-building and problem

solving, couples need to feel emotionally safe, close, connected,

cherished, and respected. Emotional engagement must precede

all other skills, techniques, and methods in relationship building.

Couples who split up show clear warning indicators:

Couples who come to see us may be seeking improvements in

a basically positive relationship, or may have very serious

concerns about their future together. We provide immediate help

for communication problems and misunderstandings,

unproductive arguing and disagreements. Even if you are facing

a distance in your relationship that has grown over time,

chances are we can assist you in having the kinds of

conversations you need to, in order to bridge the gap. We have

enormous respect for the struggle involved in developing a truly

strong intimate relationship.

We use methods from the best of modern research--you won't

find us just acting as referee or listening while you take turns

complaining about the problems you're having! You'll take home

information that can help you change stuck patterns and habits

so your relationship can become a source of love and caring



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It is based on the belief that families are the single most

powerful resource available to individuals attempting to cope

successfully with relational issues. In traditional forms of

psychotherapy, each individual works separately to solve his

or her own problems. In family therapy, family members work

together to solve problems. By allowing families to harness

and strengthen existing resources, and by helping family

members work collaboratively toward inventive solutions to

tough problems, family therapy has proven to be of great


Family is a powerful concept. The word family can be highly

charged because while many of our problems can stem

directly from our family relationships, just as often, the solution

to our problems lies within our family relationships. Family

therapy works to reorganize unfulfilling patterns of interaction

and replace them with new perceptions and responses that

allow family members to experiment with new ways of being

together that result in closeness and mutual support.


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Brent Cichoski, MA, LPC

503 - 747-8171 Email

Sherwood Location:

20015 SW Pacific Hwy #300
Sherwood, Oregon 97140


Hillsboro Location:

3000 NW Stucki Pl #230
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124



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Jacci Jones, LMFT

503 - 278-9594 Email

Beaverton Location:

1975 NW 167th Place
Beaverton, OR 97006

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Brent and Jacci are co-directors of LifeSTAR OR, a nationally

recognized program that offers treatment for these issues.


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